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Home Remodeling Laguna Woods

At Ayo Builders, we approach each individual project with the customer’s vision in mind. There is no “one size fits all” solution for home renovations, especially for intricate home design projects that have unique components during the construction process. We understand the complexities of home remodeling, know how to navigate through potential challenges and can proficiently manage client expectations.

With many years of experience in the construction and home improvement industry, we are proud to have accomplished great achievements, established meaningful relationships with our customers, received awards and constructive criticism in order to constantly improve our construction services.

What makes us unique? We pay attention to little details, from a simple painting project, to building a whole new construction project from the ground up.

The average cost of a home remodel includes labor costs, material costs, equipment & machinery costs, clean-up fees, surface preparation, etc. Moreover, the average cost totally depends upon the size of the project, extent of work, complexity of the home renovation project and the quality of materials used in the process of new construction. If you opt for premium grade materials, the cost would automatically shoot up, else you can stick to the basic materials that are of standard quality. 


It is always suggested by our experts to carry out an extensive home remodeling activity, after your residence has well crossed its designated life-span. After one such act of custom remodeling, renovation, functionality addition, space management and layout improvement, it can definitely help increase the overall outlook and resale value of any property. Statistics reveal that after a customized home remodel project has been completed, the price of a property can increase by 51-53% of the present value of the house. Any home buyer looks for a ‘spic n span’ condition of a house which he/she is buying that requires little or no investment, as one such act of complete home remodel can certainly improve the curb appeal of any property.


It’s quite obvious that a small house remodel can take less time to complete, right from the initial project feasibility study and design phase, to the final delivery of the project. Whereas, a large property renovation project can take a much longer duration to complete. It is because of the extensive work required in making changes to the overall structure, layout, walls, partitions, ceilings and floors. When you hire our customized services for a complete home remodel, you can always expect that the said home redesign & improvement project would be completed on-time, without any cost overruns and time delay. 

There might be some exceptions like material issues or time taken for getting permits & approvals from the local authorities. But, you needn’t worry about that, as our experts would deftly handle all such issues arising out of a complex home renovation project that requires a fair amount of time. It would be an on-time execution, without resulting in any delays and technical hindrances.


It is exactly when your home has become outdated, both from the interior and exterior. At Ayo Builders we help remodel your kitchen, bathroom, ADU’s and convert unused lying spaces into habitable and livable areas. Aging residences are prone to structural damage, framework weakness, wall, floor & roof deterioration, apart from defective plumbing fixtures. This is the time to go for an extensive home renovation, by making upgrades, modifications and improvements to the damaged areas, fixtures, fittings and other static features. It can either be a full house remodel or an act of partial renovation, where only a specific portion of the house is restored and renovated. This helps in improving the resale value of the house.


Offering specialized home remodeling services for outdated, worn-out and dilapidated living spaces. Modern residences have limited features, but that shouldn’t deter you from enhancing its functionality & value. Our professionals help transform small kitchens, dull bathrooms and convert old garages into self-sufficient ADU’s! It is done by using the latest 3D design & rendering technology. It is all because we are experts in custom home improvements & upgrades for more than 15 years.

At Home Remodeling Orange County, we believe in a hard day’s work. We know the client comes first, and that we will be remembered most by how we finish a job.

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